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HTC One M9 review: unparalleled style, unfortunate camera
| By Alex Angove

HTC One M9 review: unparalleled style, unfortunate camera

80/100 The HTC One M9 is easy to love, unless you're a fan of decent photos

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HTC teams up with Robert Downey Jnr to confuse everyone
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HTC teams up with Robert Downey Jnr to confuse everyone

HTC has brought back former collaborator Robert Downey Jnr. for a new series of short, somewhat baffling promos for the HTC One M9.

Spark vs 2degrees: which telco has the best plans?
| By Joseph Hanlon

Spark vs 2degrees: which telco has the best plans?

Spark and 2degrees are fighting hard to win your business, with excellent plans at cheaper prices. But who has done enough to win your business?

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Most Popular Phones
Mobile Deals
Free Data Fridays

Free Data Fridays

Enjoy 250MB free bonus data every Friday with Vodafone Prepay $19 or $29 (promotion running until 24 April 2015).

Free Headphones Online

Free Headphones Online

Buy selected Samsung phones on a Spark plan online and get a free pair of in-ear headphones worth $99.

Extra Data Bargain

Extra Data Bargain

You can now add-on 1GB extra data to your Skinny prepaid plan for just $10 extra per month (was $20). Hurry offer ends 30 June 2015

Free Netflix with Vodafone Red+

Free Netflix with Vodafone Red+

Get 6 months free Netflix with Vodafone 24-month Red plans plus 25GB Data to stream the movies in the first month with Data Test Drive

Pre-order bonuses with Galaxy S6 & Edge

Pre-order bonuses with Galaxy S6 & Edge

Free wireless charging pad, Clear View case, Kenu Stance tripod and free Trade Up are some of the offers available with Samsung Galaxy S6/ S6 Edge pre-orders

Want Double Minutes & Data?

Want Double Minutes & Data?

Buy a 2degrees $19 Carryover Combo before 1 June 2015 and you’ll go in the draw to win twice your minutes and data for up to a year!

Popular Phones
iPhone 6 64GB
iPhone 6 64GB
Apple's new flagship phone features a 4.7" Retina HD display, Touch ID, and new 8MP camera
92/100Where Apple’s camera is consistently better than rivals is in its superbly simple ease of use. No white balance to adjust, no extra granular controls ...
71 Plans 9 Deals
iPhone 6 Plus 64GB
iPhone 6 Plus 64GB
The largest iPhone with huge 5.5" Retina HD Display, Touch ID, and new 8MP camera
86/100Too big. This thing’s too big. Waaay too big. It’s... actually, that screen is pretty nice, isn’t it? Wow, you really can get a lot of content on ther...
75 Plans 9 Deals
Samsung GALAXY S5 16GB
Samsung GALAXY S5 16GB
Samsung's 2014 Flagship device. Powerful and fast with 1080p Full HD 5" display.
85/100The S5 once again pushes the boundaries of what you think a smartphone can do but in a more practical and refined way.
80 Plans 31 Deals
Samsung Galaxy A5
Samsung Galaxy A5 NEW
Full metal body design with a 5" Super AMOLED display and a 13MP camera
79/100Delightful design (prefer it to SGS5), bright and colourful display, fair price makes more sense than original Galaxy Alpha, powerful enough to cater ...
61 Plans 26 Deals
iPhone 5s 16GB
iPhone 5s 16GB
Apple's latest phone is more powerful and features better motion tracking and a fingerprint scanner
87/100Unquestionably, the standout features of the iPhone 5s are its newest hardware inclusions and upgrades, namely Touch ID, the M7 motion co-processor, 6...
75 Plans 14 Deals

1000's of mobile plans, compared instantly

All major carriers side-by-side in seconds

Crawling through thousands of mobile phones plans, looking for your perfect mobile provider, is a tedious task and a waste of time.

There are tens of thousands of mobile phone plans to consider, and dozens of websites you'll need to visit to see them all. Unless you use the WhistleOut comparison engine.

We're the only website to dynamically compare single-line and multi-line mobile phone plans from all major mobile carriers across New Zealand: Vodafone, Spark, 2Degrees and Skinny in a single screen.

Tell us how many calls you make, how much data you want, which phones you'd like to add, and we'll show the best mobile plan options for you.

New phone, new plan or both?

A brand new phone, a free phone or BYO phone savings.

Today's smartphones are so functional, it's impossible not to want one. We compare prices and matching mobile plans on all the latest smartphone models from all major mobile carriers.

Whether you're after a premium new Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, or budget-priced models from Huawei and Alcatel, we can show you how to match this with your usage and data needs on a single line or for your whole family.

To help you choose, we've got comprehensive mobile phone reviews and ratings. We put all new phones through their paces, testing screen quality, battery life and performance.

We also test the quality of the camera and we pull in reviews from other experts to help find the right phone.

If there's a carrier exclusive phone, our technology also includes phone substitution where it can automatically insert a 'closest match' handset into search results for mobile providers who don't stock the exact model you are searching for.

Visualise your value

Our unique phone plan view makes comparing even easier

Do you have difficulty deciphering the included value across the dozens of phone plans in your price range?

At WhistleOut, we've developed our unique Visualiser search tool to help highlight the best deals to match your individual search criteria.

Available in any WhistleOut search, simply hit the Visualiser button to turn your search results into a colourful graph comparing included calls and data.

Once you have found your new mobile plan, click on its title to see a detailed breakdown of all inclusions and fees. Search using the 'Compare over 24-months' filter to see exactly how much each plan will cost over the long term.

Our search tool can tell you exactly what you need to know to make the best decision for your next mobile phone purchase - no hidden fees or sneaky surprises. Detailed cost breakdowns includes:

Detailed cost breakdowns includes:

  • Total monthly cost
  • Comparison cost over 24-months
  • Total minimum spend
  • Discounts and bonuses

Family & Share plans compared

Multiple lines and phones on a single screen

Multi-line family plans are our speciality, with our unique search technology capable of comparing up to 8 lines, across numerous mobile phone providers, in a matter of seconds.

Mix and match handsets, or choose 'BYO Phone' for family members who don't need a handset upgrade.

Our search tool can tell you exactly what you need to know to make the best decision for your family - no hidden fees or sneaky surprises.

Detailed cost breakdowns includes:

  • Total monthly cost
  • Comparison cost over 24-months
  • Total minimum spend
  • Discounts and bonuses

Shortcut your search

Follow our search suggestions for faster plan discovery.

We know you may not want to calculate your usage before searching for a new phone plan, so we've created a number of great search shortcuts to show you the most popular phone and plan products without the work.

Looking just for a plan with an iPhone? Maybe you'd prefer a new Google Android phone with your On Account plan. Whether you're hunting around for cheap prepaid options, or you want to find a plan with the most data, we have you covered.

On Account or Open Term

Your mobile phone plan, your way

Most carriers now let you choose between a new smartphone on a contract mobile phone plan, or a no-commitment BYO phone plan option.

If you'd prefer to keep using your existing mobile phone, select the BYO Phone option in our Phone Selector field, and we'll show the best value plans with month-to-month billing, with plans from Vodafone, Spark, 2Degress and Skinny.

If you are after a new mobile phone handset, select it from out Phone Selector and we'll show you upfront prices through the carriers, or $0 plans from Vodafone and Spark.

Compare Data, Lines, Texts & Calls

Usage allowances across plans calculated instantly

Are you a heavy data user, or do you prefer to chat to friends on the phone? Do you need to make international calls? Maybe you want it all?

Now imagine you need to answer the same questions for everyone in your family.

We've built the easiest-to-use search engine for comparing the inclusions in all mobile plans in seconds.

Our unique search results deliver the best value plans from every carrier as quickly and easily as possible.

Advanced options

Powerful search filters for targeted results

If you're looking to compare cell phone plans across only a small selection of mobile providers, you can apply search filters in the Advanced Options section on the Search Results page.

There are other important filters, including:

  • Contract length settings
  • Filter by your preferred suppliers only
  • Prepaid expiry period

Tell us which mobile provider you're currently with and we'll see whether there are any special deals for staying with your carrier, or for switching to a different network.

Always up-to-date

All plan options on all the major mobile carriers

Whether you need multiple lines combined in a family plan, or a great value no-contract mobile phone plan, you can find what you're looking for at WhistleOut.

Our data is always accurate and up-to-date, so you can be confident that you'll discover the best mobile phone plans in market right now.

Search options include:

  • Search for Monthly or On Account contract plans
  • Focus on prepaid phone plans and save
  • Compare the telcos you know and trust
  • Phone financing handset repayment options